Recipe for perfect Suicide Bombers:

  1. Deprive them from the simple means of life: food, water, electricity and air if possible.
  2. Surround their homes with all kinds of war machinery for as long as you can.
  3. Attack them with all means at all times especially at night; you will get the best results.
  4. Demolish their homes, uproot their farmed lands, kill their loved ones, especially the children; if you can’t kill them just cause serious injuries that lead them to be handicapped.
  5. Finally, you have the survivors who are filled with rage and hatred and cannot help but feeling powerless. They are vulnerable and ready to do anything that would give them back a little bit of dignity.

CONGRATULATIONS you have created an army of fuming furious people ready to be SUICIDE BOMBERS.

Now you know how it works, never ever again wonder or ask the stupid question of why someone would simply give his life trying to defend his family and their simple right to exist in peace. But the international community don’t see the whole picture, they only see the last part of it thanks to the Israeli media coverage.

Bush says Israel is only defending itself against us the Palestinian terrorists in Biet Hanon. They are the armed aggressors with the American made weapons; they are the ones terrorizing the civilians who took refugee in their homes thinking that they would be safe, but for the Israeli Offensive Army it doesn’t matter where you are hiding or who you are or how old you are, they will still hunt you down.

As you know Gaza Strip had a problem with the power since the last July when the Israeli Air Forces bombed the main station supplying The Strip with power. Almost a week ago, this problem was fixed and now we have power almost 24/7. However it coincided with the Israeli aggression on Biet Hanon, so instead of relaxing and appreciating the power being back especially at the beginning of the winter where all the heating appliances work with electricity, we found ourselves again glued to the television all day long watching the massacres in Biet Hanon , just as we were during the war on Lebanon.

Friends from outside Palestine, started calling and emailing to check on me and my family. Well, Biet Hanon is in the northern part of Gaza strip, we live in Gaza City which is in the middle of the Strip. It is a 40 minutes ride by car from our place to Biet Hanon. So I could assure them that we were far from the Israeli aggression physically, however I could not say we were fine. After watching the news and the frail international reactions towards the crimes of Israel in Gaza, we were left with a sense of helplessness and numbness. Moreover, we watch the struggle between Hamas and Fatah over the false power to rule. They think they are ruling or governing but the fact is that Israel left Gaza to surround and control it from the outside. Non of the two parties admits this, instead they are spending their precious time fighting in between each other while Israel is pulling the strings of the show in Gaza and West Bank. People here are sick of both Abu Mazen and Haniah, as far as we are concerned both are not fit to lead us, as they put their disputes before the best interest of the people. In fact they are giving Israel the coverage it needs for its massacres.

I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel from here! I wonder what tomorrow will bring us, most probably more of Israel’s defesive plans agianst us the gaint terrorists.

Susan Hassan Abdallah


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